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Canada's Contemporary Celtic Hour
19 Apr, 2019 | 0:59:47 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

The freshest Celts, hand-picked and delivered to your ears weekly. New Flook, Vasen and Dervish delves into the great Irish Song Book!
exciting global music alternative to jukebox radio
19 Apr, 2019 | 0:59:57 |
EN | Cal Koat | World Beat Canada

There's no outside our comfort zone. Check two decidedly different spins from Maverick Sabre and Nick Waterhouse + Senor Coconut's Slow Motion Walter.
Spring (Easter) 2019 all-instrumentals show.
19 Apr, 2019 | 0:59:11 |
EN | | Walkuman Style

(1.) See You - Type.Raw & Es-K (2.) Break It Down - Vic Grimes (3.) Pete Rock - Respiration Flying High remix (4.) Gimmee More - Moka Only (5.) Bodega - Sultan Mir (6.) Falling - J. Rawls (7.) 1994 High - Bknd (8.) Art Form - Bugseed (9.) Roll Up - Gwop Sullivan (10.) lofi noodles - U'nique Music...
Underground electronic music mixed and curated by Seán Savage.
19 Apr, 2019 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | The Mix Sessions with Seán Savage

Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Mix Sessions is a global gathering of music fans every week bringing you the best underground electronic music around including Electronica, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass and Deep House. This show is 50% CanCon (12 songs of 24). If you are playing the show on your station please let me know so we...
Show #773 Week of APR 19 2019
19 Apr, 2019 | 4:51:32 |
EN | Moz Taylor | Jazz Boulevard Syndicated Radio Show

> > CanCon friendly ... award-winning weekly syndicated radio show on-air since 2004. A weekly blend of the latest releases from musicians out in the clubs today, classic jazz tracks, Blues, World, and Acid Jazz. Available 3 Formats: One Part ... 2-Hour Show Two Part ... 2-Hour Show (2 segments of 58:00) Abridged 1-Hour Version _____ _____ _____ _____ _____...
!earshot20 2019-04-16
19 Apr, 2019 | 1:55:58 |
EN | Erin Bond | !earshot20

Counting down the Top 20 albums from the national Top 50 chart found on for the week ending April 16, 2019; this week compiled by 31 campus/community radio stations across Canada.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Inclusive Education
18 Apr, 2019 | 0:29:20 |
EN | CJAM-FM Music Department |

This program focuses on disability issues. Host Cam Wells will explore all sides of this comparing and contrasting with able bodied life.
Vinyl records by Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer recording artists.
18 Apr, 2019 | 0:55:00 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | NewFound Records

A variety of oldies music with a connection to Labrador... On the playlist are native Labradorian Harry Martin with a thought-provoking track from his only vinyl LP. Shirley Montague delivers a stellar rendition of Old Mokami, The Reverend Lester Bury speaks fondly of travelling with his dog team, The Labrador Balladeer, Gerald Mitchell, sings about the Province`s longest river, June...
Sometimes cities come up with theme songs. We'll demonstrate why you shouldn't do that...
17 Apr, 2019 | 0:29:47 |
EN | Scott Snailham | Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude and Daffodil

You'll find another song of the colonel kind where you'll wonder why we play it, and not so soothing synthesizer sounds of the past. Yeah, we're a bit negative....which is positively cheezy!
Short interviews with participants in Hillside's wonderful songwriting course plus their new songs
17 Apr, 2019 | 0:58:58 |
EN | Jan Hall | Folk Roots Radio

We’re giving over the whole of Episode 441 of Folk Roots Radio to interviews with the participants of the 2019 Hillside Festival Girls & Guitars Songwriting Course that took place during the winter. The songwriting workshop is specifically designed to help aspiring female songwriters develop effective songwriting tools and strategies while gaining confidence in their own ability, and all within...
30 min feature of Susan Aglukark plus 26 min of Western Canadian indie music mix
17 Apr, 2019 | 0:56:42 |
EN | Mae Wandinger | Indie Beat

Half hour feature (includes interview and songs) of Susan Aglukark, who has been awarded the Governor General's Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award, three Junos and The Order of Canada and has given command performances for Queen Elizabeth, two prime ministers and Nelson Mandela, plus tracks by The Paperboys, Madison Olds Music, The Wild Romantics, Digging Roots, Carmanah, William Prince & Nation...
Music beyond boundaries for a digital world!
17 Apr, 2019 | 0:57:57 |
EN | Deep Threes | Deep Threes - Music Beyond Boundaries

Stefanie Kunkler, Stuart Russell and DJ Spooky mix it up for your extended listening pleasure...
Easter and Beyond
17 Apr, 2019 | 1:00:00 |
EN | Ivan Emke | Routes & Branches & Beyond

This week the show is called "Easter and Beyond." But really, it should be called "the Rabbit and Chocolate Show." Indeed, I spend most of the time playing songs and tunes about these celebrated symbols of this time of year. But no songs about chocolate rabbits, alas. Music from Cape Breton, Scotland, Newfoundland & Labrador, Australia, Appalachia, Louisiana, and even...
"Jack and Mary Walk in the Easter Parade" | "Crisis at Easter Creek"
17 Apr, 2019 | 0:59:11 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Old Parlour Radio

Return with your host Corey Walker to the days when families gathered around the old tube radio in the parlour. From comedies to crime, from music to breaking news events, the radio was where people got their news. Featuring programs from the 1930s to the ‘60s, and occasionally more recent. Old Parlour Radio is a step back in time.
Part 2 But, Wait There's More!
16 Apr, 2019 | 0:55:49 |
EN | Richard Sevigny | Season Seven

Selected high points and unaired material from season 6, with commentary by the artists
Selected high points of the previous season of LitS, episode 1
16 Apr, 2019 | 0:55:50 |
EN | Richard Sevigny | Season Seven

Faves and unaired gems... material from season six with commentary by the artists...
Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 16 April 2019
16 Apr, 2019 | 0:57:52 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 16 April 2019 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
touring a very personal album about her home town
16 Apr, 2019 | 0:55:53 |
EN | Richard Sevigny | Season Seven

Elizabeth Shepherd - vocal, keys; Remi-Jean Leblanc - bass; Marc Nelson - drums; Michael Occhipinti - guitar, vocal; Jacques Kuba-Seguin - trumpet
touring in supportof the album "The Island Of Form"
16 Apr, 2019 | 0:55:56 |
EN | Richard Sevigny | Season Seven

Ethan Ardelli - drums, Luis Denis - alto sax, Chris Donelly - piano, Devon Henderson - bass
60s global garage rock
16 Apr, 2019 | 0:52:37 |
EN | Phil Grey | Retrospect 60s Garage Punk Show

THESE VIZITORS, THE SHAGGS, THE DRIVING STUPID and way more obscure garage from UK, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, Turkey.....
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