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Dealing with issues with special needs people throughout British Columbia.
29 Jul, 2016 | 1:01:24 |
EN | The Community Living Show | The Community Living Show

Interview with Deepi; Your questions on the bus pass; Autism Speaks.
injured workers, Rumball Centre
28 Jul, 2016 | 0:29:36 |
EN | CJAM-FM Music Department |

This program focuses on disability issues. host Cam Wells will explore all sides of this comparing and contrasting with able bodied life.
Who knew a cartoon mouse was on so many songs?
27 Jul, 2016 | 0:29:54 |
EN | Scott Snailham | Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude and Daffodil

... some funky fun songs to start off things....and a limburger lounge that might just make you realize that love can be creepy sometimes.
Hour long punk music radio program
26 Jul, 2016 | 0:57:38 |
EN | Alison |

This week, I celebrated quite late, but better than never, the 40th anniversary of the Ramones debut album released back in April of 1976. Also tracks form Pointed Sticks, Golden Calgarians, Cub, The Dinks, and Golers.
Black Lives Matter, Recent Police shootings, Current Election Cycle
26 Jul, 2016 | 0:26:32 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

In a world of multiple intersections of poverty, war, violence, the MSM would paint a world that just crazy and out of control. However violence is productive when it becomes an everyday occurrence people stop thinking about how it limits their other freedoms. On this weeks show Host Stuart Richardson interviews Managing Editor of the Black Agenda Report Bruce Dixon,...
766 - In Session with Tor
26 Jul, 2016 | 0:54:59 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. Bird - Maybe Someday 02. DeeB - Speak in Colour 03. Long Arm - Rain Around 04. Tor - Days Gone [CanCon] 05. Al Green - Simply Beautiful (Maribou State edit) 06. Christian Löffler - Eleven 07. Nina Simone - See Line Woman (Masters At Work remix) 08. NU - Fool 09. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Four...
766 - New Music with Barry Rooke
26 Jul, 2016 | 0:58:52 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. The Commodores - Brick House (A Young Pulse Rework) 02. Mirage - Summer Grooves (Ziggy Phunk Edit) 03. Hatiras - Bring The Funk Back [CanCon] 04. Nightcrawlers - Pushed The Feelings (Cup & String Mix) 05. DKSL - Kamikaze (Karl G remix) 06. Cristoph - Perplexity [CanCon] 07. Glenn Morrison - Psychedelic (Original Mix) [CanCon] 08. Richard Archon -...
765 - Themes Dark with Barry Rooke
26 Jul, 2016 | 0:59:12 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. Thyladomid, Mãƒâ¢hfoud - The Real Thing (Original Mix) 02. Bob Moses - Far From The Tree (Original Mix) [CanCon] 03. Bob Moses - It's Gone (Original Digital Exclusive) [CanCon] 04. Tim Penner - Reborn (Erdi Irmak Remix) [CanCon] 05. The Avenger - Fade Out Lines (Original Mix) 06. Boogie Vice - Bel-air (Original Mix) 07. Super Flu, Monkey Safari...
765 - Themes Canadian with Barry Rooke
26 Jul, 2016 | 0:57:02 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up [CanCon] 02. Dezza - Pure Love [CanCon] 03. Dezza - Need You [CanCon] 04. Solid Stone - Profound [CanCon] 05. Andre Sabota - Futurammer (Tim Penner Remix) [CanCon] 06. Solid Stone - Genesis [CanCon] 07. Solid Stone - Wierd [CanCon] 08. Tim Penner - Sanctuary [CanCon] 09. Matt Lange - Lying To Myself...
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
25 Jul, 2016 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

The Black Panther Party was founded fifty years ago. It did much to raise consciousness and pride among African-Americans. It was seen as a threat by the establishment and was thus targeted by Hoover’s FBI in a campaign of infiltration, destabilization and assassination. Today a new generation of activists has arisen in the aftermath of a series of outrageous killings...
2009 Honduras coup, recalled from several perspectives
24 Jul, 2016 | 0:28:49 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

In 2009, the President of Honduras was whisked out of the country "in his pajamas" by members of the military. While President Obama first called it a coup, Hillary Clinton sidestepped the rule that would have required cutoff of all US aid, by supporting quick new elections. In this program, you get to hear her perspective, but also hear from...
Upbeat Pop and Rock Songs - Songs With Spoken Word Special
24 Jul, 2016 | 0:59:00 |
EN | Mark O'Connor | Ear Candy

Playlist - *means Cancon Ringo - Lorne Green Big Bad John - James Dean Are You Lonesome Tonight? - ELVIS PRESLEY West Ryder Silver Bullet - Kasabian Dance Crazed - SIRR 2 Bit Blues - Kid Koala Wake Up Time - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Rag and Bone - The White Stripes Be My Girl/Sally - The Police Understanding...
S12E26: Weekly all-Canadian community radio music potpourri
24 Jul, 2016 | 0:57:03 |
EN | Brian Cleveland |

Brian Cleveland plays a selection of new Canadian music. This week's episode features tracks from Weird Lines, Adrian Teacher and the Subs, Jay Arner, Supermoon, Hooded Fang, and more.
22 Jul, 2016 | 0:58:55 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

Sketch - Encore The Sidh - The Edinburgh Rock INST Ten Strings & A Goat Skin - Duhk, Duhk, Goat CANCON INST The Mahones - Prisoner 1082 CANCON Nickel Creek - Best Of Luck Mark Saul - Digital Breakdown INST The Young Folk - England Lost Bayou Ramblers - Carolina Blues Willie Nile - Beautiful Wreck Of The World Qristina...
Canada's Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour
22 Jul, 2016 | 0:58:55 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

A song for England fr Irish newcomers The Young Folk, Folkfest redux fr 10 Strings & A Goat Skin & The Beautiful Wreck Of The World fr Celt In A Twist!
exciting contemporary global music alternative to jukebox radio
22 Jul, 2016 | 0:59:10 |
EN | Cal Koat | worldbeatcanada radio

Folk Fest snapshots of Mexican Institute Of Sound & Lakou Mizik + new Ziggy Marley! Another debut from Xenia Rubinos, no borders,no boundaries.
Episode 203 of the !earshot 20: Interviews with Chocolat & Weird Lines
22 Jul, 2016 | 1:55:35 |
EN | Anthony Enman | !Earshot 20

Anthony Enman & Brian Cleveland count down the Top 20 albums charting across Canada this week from, take a look at music news with Stephen Carlick of Exclaim!, chat with Emmanuel Ethier of Chocolat and C.L. McLaughlin of Weird Lines, and much more.
Dealing with issues with special needs people throughout British Columbia.
22 Jul, 2016 | 1:01:39 |
EN | The Community Living Show | The Community Living Show

Ask Dr Doreen: On Autism Live; IEP Development Considerations for Effective Advocacy from the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress.
Our Hosts lucked into a free hotel night stay and decided to host the show from the hot tub!
20 Jul, 2016 | 0:29:21 |
EN | Scott Snailham | Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude and Daffodil

... We profile Frankie Yankovic, and we play interesting version of the Mission Impossible Theme, while the mysterious Ramon plays havoc with Snarfdude's patience.....such is life!
Tameera Mohamed talks about the radical, intersectional, body positivity of Our Resilient Bodies.
20 Jul, 2016 | 0:28:09 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

On this week's episode of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh speaks with Tameera Mohamed. Last year, she and some of her friends became frustrated with the narrow and limited scope of mainstream (including mainstream feminist) politics focused on the body. In response, they founded the collective Our Resilient Bodies to bring a radical, intersectional, feminist lens to bear and to...
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