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(Omme-Salma Rahemtullah)

Open Autonomous House in Oaxaca, Mexico

Community led and centered

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Program Title: Open Autonomous House in Oaxaca, Mexico
Description: Doña Luz, Denisse, Rene, Erick, Angela and Deepa welcome you, your friends and their friends, and anyone else, to join us in our open house. In any which way you can.

We will buy land within 100 kilometers of Oaxaca City, Mexico. And, we will build a ‘green’ house by ourselves, along with friends. Using local material especially mud, stones and wood.

We will not own the house, but open it up. Away from property and ownership, and towards relating differently to ourselves, others and land.

The house will be for six to eight people to live in and run. It will have

Six to eight bedrooms, one large living room, one large kitchen, one large guest room, one large resource room, one big courtyard in the middle, three washrooms and four dry toilets. And, a vegetable and fruit garden, an animal farm, and a compost area. With built-in water purification. All run on solar and pedal power.

We will have community led and centered activities in the house. Based on talking and relating. Pushing all the time for more openness. Including activities such as: open kitchen; open library; story telling and story collection: oral, written, audio, video; knowledge sharing from Oaxaca and elsewhere, including about appropriate technology; open internet; and community radio.

The house brings together many ideas of self-sufficiency and autonomia. Everyone is welcome, nobody leads, and we will all talk together to take up different projects that are about even more openness.

And for all this, right now we need approximately $30,000. And so, also this fundraising event. Where we ask for a particular support from you. And we really hope that our relationship continues beyond that, here, in Oaxaca and wherever else. Where maybe we can also dream up and start such houses. To live and relate differently.

Doña Luz, Denisse and Erick are associated with APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca), and have been involved with various autonomia projects in Oaxaca City. We, together with Rene, Angela and Deepa, share how we think about autonomia and community.

Host(s): Omme-Salma Rahemtullah
Featured Speakers/Guests: Deepa Rajkumar and Erick Sarmiento

Credits: CHRY


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