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CKUT's Third Magic Sound Box

Live Radio Art Performance: storytelling--sound art--music--radio ether


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Length: 2:00:00
Uploaded: 19 Nov, 2010

Recording Date: 18 Nov, 2010
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Language: English
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Program Title: CKUT's Third Magic Sound Box
Description: Three times a charm. CKUT invites you into our third Magic Sound Box. Modeled after a concept developed in Kingston at CFRC radio station, we take you back in time when radio was Queen. This time around we'll focus on the concept of 'storytelling' - as education, as entertainment, as cultural continuity, as the only thing and everything.

This live radio transmission art show (or tell...) takes the audience inside Radioland - inside the magic sound box - highlighting the many talents of CKUT, exploring the limits of aural imagination and indulging in the intimacy of sound.

Amateur and veteran sound-makers will transform a large open venue. The plan: create an enclosed area with large swaths of fabric, turn off the lights...and make radio. The audience is inside the box, the performers are on the outside. Some of the sounds will be mixed through a quadrophonic speaker system and some will use the natural acoustics of the space, inviting our listeners to enjoy the spatial qualities of voices, instruments, field recordings and electronics.

This version of the Magic Sound Box includes live jamming that happened in CKUT studio - mixing the live feed from the broadcast with instruments, sound samples and live effects.

Host(s): CKUT 90.3fm
Featured Speakers/Guests: Vince Tinguley,Stephanie Saretsky,Courtney Kirkby,Sundus Abdul Hadi,Stefan Christoff,Jess Grosman,Nicholas Esterer, Antonella l.c. Giordano,Parker Mah,Nicholas Scribner, Mitchell Akiyama, Bethany Or, Jason Gillingham, Eva Boodman, Philip Lichti, Parker Mah, Nasrin Himada,Caroline K├╝nzle ,Tony Vaughan,Liz Pieries, Chris Trimmer ,Marc Matatya,Jason Levine,Neil Griffith,Alice Nocturnal,Andrea-janeCornell




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