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AMI Pop Talk #41 - Billie Dre & the Poor Boys

Garlic Fingers, high tides & evil women are critical to the music of Billie Dre & the Poor Boys.


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Uploaded: 4 Sep, 2013

Recording Date: 31 Aug, 2013
Recording Location: Halifax, NS
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: AMI Pop Talk #41 - Billie Dre & the Poor Boys
Description: Rock and Roll. High Tides. Dark Secrets. Evil Women. These are just a few of the influences that go into the music of Halifax’s Billie Dre & The Poor Boys. William Dray’s furious lyrics and bare bones Rock and Roll ideals are infused with the wild and pulsating rhythm of Dylan Ryan and the fuzzy, chunk bass grooves of Corey Henderson. Their wild and carefree presence onstage creates a storm of sound and energy, thrashing across the open sea.

Host(s): Ryan Delehanty
Featured Speakers/Guests: William Dre, Dylan Ryan & Corey Henderson

Credits: Produced by Ryan Delehanty for Accessible Media Inc.


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Type: Interview

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