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Endeavours - Displacement Syndrome

Civilian Police, Radio by Syrian Refugees. Music: Qristina & Quinn Bachand


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Uploaded: 5 Jan, 2015

Recording Date: 5 Jan, 2015
Recording Location: Vancouver
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Program Title: Endeavours - Displacement Syndrome
Description: Award-winning Investigative Journalist Terry Gould on his new book "Worth Dying For", the first one ever written about CivPol, a Canadian peacekeeping organization that works to train police officers in countries that have high political corruption and war-torn conflict (ie: Palestine, Haiti, Afghanistan).

Charlotte Eagar is a film and radio producer and the co-founder of the Syrian Trojan Women Project, a performance of Euripides classic play performed in Arabic by an all refugee cast. Her latest project is "We Are All Refugees" a radio soap opera performed and acted by Syrian Refugees in Jordan. It is in Arabic, although an English version is on the way.

Qristina & Quinn Bachand are a brother-sister celtic music duo from Victoria, BC. Their third album - due out January 15, 2015 - is Little Hinges. In it, they expand and branch from the more traditional Celtic stylings and create broad record.

Host(s): Dan McPeake
Featured Speakers/Guests: Terry Gould Charlotte Eagar Qristina & Quinn Bachand

Credits: written & produced by Dan McPeake


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