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Sports-CHRW-John Urban-Full Audio-2:54:10-CIS Finals

CHRW's 2015 CIS National Championship Women's Hockey Broadcast

Length: 2:54:10
Uploaded: 23 Apr, 2015

Recording Date: 15 Mar, 2015
Recording Location: Markin MacPhail Center, Calgary, Alberta
Logsheet: none
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: Raw, unedited

Program Title: Sports-CHRW-John Urban-Full Audio-2:54:10-CIS Finals
Description: 94.9 CHRW 'the original voice of the Western Mustangs' had the privilege of calling the 2015 CIS National Championship Game between the Western Mustangs and the McGill Martlets in Calgary, Alberta. This would be one historical broadcast as it would be the first time in school history the Western Mustangs women's hockey team would claim the CIS Championship.

Host(s): John Urban (play by play), Tyler Warren (colour) and Dan Soden (studio)
Featured Speakers/Guests: Marlowe Pecora from the women's hockey team during 1st intermission.


Comments: Big thank you to the USC of Western University for giving CHRW the opportunities it does.

Regional > Canada
Type: Commentary

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(h:mm:ss) 2:54:10
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44100kbps Stereo
Comments: Every 10 minutes there is a quick fade in/out, this was needed as the logger for the station wouldn't give me anything bigger time wise to piece together the full broadcast audio.

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