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Orchestra School of Puerto Vallarta Growing Thanks to Canadian Friends

Several visiting music teachers are making a difference for the Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta

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Uploaded: 11 May, 2015

Recording Date: 12 May, 2015
Recording Location: UdeG-CUC (University of Guadalajara, Coastal Campus, PV)
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Program Title: Orchestra School of Puerto Vallarta Growing Thanks to Canadian Friends
Description: The program features performances by chamber groups formed during a week-long open house with visiting masters. Many of the instruments have been brought by kind teachers from Canada and many have donated their time to help students develop their skills and to share their appreciation of music.

Back in February, 2015...
For the past two weeks our students of Band I and Band II have been working with the percussionist and drummer Gary Evjen. He’s a band director with ample trajectory, born and raised in Swift Current, which is a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada.

He told us he’s still active in music: “I play in a Klezmer band, an adult community concert band (Saskatoon Concert Band) and an adult community orchestra (Saskatoon Philharmonic Orchestra)”.

Greystone Heights (Saskatoon) Band Director, David Ehmann.

Host(s): OEPV Director Daniel Oliveros
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