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(The Velvet Studio)

VelvetStudio: Chemsex or PnP?

The Velvet Studio talks with some experts on whether Chemsex of Party and Play has hit the gay scene


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Length: 1:58:00
Uploaded: 20 Jul, 2015

Recording Date: 16 Jul, 2015
Recording Location: CKCU- FM, Ottawa, ON
Logsheet: none
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: As Broadcast

Program Title: VelvetStudio: Chemsex or PnP?
Description: The Velvet Studio is joined by Joel of the AIDs Committee of Ottawa, and Nor of YSB to discuss is Chemsex, or Party and Play has been seen in Canada.

Warning: This episode discusses drug use, and the risk management approaches to drug use within a gay sex enviroment. The word fucking is used to describe in plain language sex while intoxicated, it is mentioned twice in the show

Host(s): Luke Smith, Sebastien Plante
Featured Speakers/Guests:


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Society and Culture > Sexuality
Health > Addiction
Type: Weekly Program

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