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RVF 2016 - CFFF-FM Trent Radio in Peterborough, ON

RVF 2016 - CFFF-FM Trent Radio in Peterborough, ON


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Length: 0:28:10
Uploaded: 18 Jan, 2016

Recording Date: 11 Jan, 2016
Recording Location: Peterborough, ON
Logsheet: logsheet_169470.docx
Language: French
Topical for: 1 Year
Status: Complete, Ready to Air
Copyright: CFFF and RVF 2016

Program Title: RVF 2016 - CFFF-FM Trent Radio in Peterborough, ON
Description: Produced by: Mounira Benallou
A light-hearted and touching story of a New Canadian from Paris, France, who moved to Peterborough, Ontario. A wife, mother and professional, Mounira tells us about her first impressions of Peterborough, and shares some experiences from the first 3 years of her International Adventure. [In French]

Host(s): Mounira Benallou
Featured Speakers/Guests:

Credits: CFFF and RVF 2016

Comments: part of the 2016 series

Society and Culture
Type: Weekly Program

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Comments: 2016

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