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(Patrick Auguste)

RVF 2016-2017 - Week 50 Aug 14 to 20 2017

CFUZ-FM in Penticton, BC


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Uploaded: 11 Aug, 2017

Recording Date: 3 Aug, 2017
Recording Location: Penticton, BC
Logsheet: logsheet_191915.doc
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: RVF 2016-2017 - Week 50 Aug 14 to 20 2017
Description: In the 80’s, Isabelle couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to live in Quebec or Bc. Every two years, she was moving from a province to another…and everytime she had a baby. “West” is the atypical story of 4 brothers who have in them a real cultural blend of French and English.

Host(s): Lydia Frederick
Featured Speakers/Guests: Lydia Frederick

Credits: CFUZ


Society and Culture
Type: Documentary

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