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WINGS #21-17 Tipping Point

Keep earth habitable - cut carbon emissions now


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Recording Date: 10 Sep, 2009
Recording Location: Eugene, Oregon
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Program Title: WINGS #21-17 Tipping Point
Description: Prof. Wood developed the legal theory of the atmosphere as a public trust, making way for lawsuits against all levels of government for abusing the public trust by allowing CO2 and methane emissions into the atmosphere to continue to the brink of rendering earth uninhabitable for humans. She warns that global warming is the most important issue on earth and needs all our efforts to bring us back from the point of no return.

Host(s): Sue Supriano
Featured Speakers/Guests: Professor Mary Wood, author of Nature's Trust: Environmental Law for a New Ecological Age, and Faculty Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law. U. of Oregon

Credits: Adapted from the radio program Steppin' Out of Babylon, produced by Sue Supriano. WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden.

Comments: This interview recorded in 2009. Unfortunately, the main thing that has changed is that carbon in the earth's atmosphere is now said to be above 400ppm, and more methane is leaking out of the defrosted Arctic region and fracked gas and oil operations.

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