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RVF 2016-2017 - Week 57 - CFCR

Who are the Fransaskois? Some may not know the Francophone community of Saskatchewan


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Program Title: RVF 2016-2017 - Week 57 - CFCR
Description: Did you know the “Géant Beaupré” from Beau Dommage’s 1974 hit single was a Fransaskois? Your host Chantal Hamon uses this as a pretext to introduce the listeners to Fransaskois Heritage. Through music and voices of Fransaskois artists and musicians, you will have a better grasp of this community that lives and shines in French in Saskatchewan. Some Fransaskois musicians and artists you will discover in this episode: Joe Fafard, Anique Granger, Alexis Normand, Shawn Jobin and Étienne Fletcher. Bonne écoute à tous!

Featured Speakers/Guests: Chantal Hamon



Society and Culture
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