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RVF 2016-2017 - Week 66 - CICV2

Through the lenses of an Anglo speaking Canadian whose interested in becoming bilingual


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Program Title: RVF 2016-2017 - Week 66 - CICV2
Description: There’s no doubt Canadians are facing an extremely competitive job market. In January 2016, Statistics Canada revealed there are three times more people applying for jobs than there are openings. Public servants retiring at an increasing rate, with 4,800 and 6,000 bilingual positions needing to be filled every year in federal government roles. Currently, there are not enough bilingual graduates to fill these positions. Through the lenses of an Anglo speaking Canadian who’s interested in becoming bilingual, journalist Juanita Muwanga, seeks to contextualize the art of learning a new language as well as the importance of Canadian bilingualism.

Interview rom Monique Collette, board of directors for The Canadian Foundation for Cross- Cultural Dialogue, and French language teacher Patrick Auguste.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Juanita Muwanga



Society and Culture
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