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837 - In Session with DJ Jace

837 - In Session with DJ Jace


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Barry NCRA


NCRA Executive Director and Host of Amplified Radio Presents

Length: 0:56:37
Uploaded: 3 Dec, 2017

Recording Date: 3 Dec, 2017
Recording Location: Ottawa, ON
Logsheet: logsheet_196574.txt
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: Complete, Ready to Air
Copyright: Barry Rooke & Amplified Radio Presents

Program Title: 837 - In Session with DJ Jace
Description: 01. Rennie Foster - Conscious Basics [CanCon]
02. Jesney & Benny Knox - Lava Lover [CanCon]
03. Flim - Winnow [CanCon]
04. Johnny Trika - One Rainy Wish [CanCon]
05. Del Re - Jack [CanCon]
06. Greg Gow, Heron - Free the Slaves [CanCon]
07. Philip G Dunsmore - Beta [CanCon]
08. Snoman - Knightfall [CanCon]
09. Shelley Johannson - Give Some [CanCon]
10. George Loukas, Waxci - From Dust [CanCon]
11. D-Unity - My Love [CanCon]
12. Carlo Lio - Prey 4U [CanCon]
13. DJ Jace - Northern Lights [CanCon]
14. JGarrett - Within the Loam [CanCon]
15. Fear the Priest - Dark Chasm [CanCon]
16. John Norman - Withdrawal [CanCon]
17. Rocky - Technically Speaking [CanCon]
18. Ovi M - Apex [CanCon]

Host(s): Barry Rooke
Featured Speakers/Guests: DJ Jace

Credits: Barry Rooke & Amplified Radio Presents

Comments: Visit for more information. This is one Part of two parts per week. Hour 1 is always CanCon approved, Both shows together always meet the CanCon requirements. If you are interested in carrying this, please let me know so I can add it to the website. If download problems, try New Show released Tuesdays.

Arts and Culture > Music > Electronic
Type: Weekly Program

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