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NewFound Records - Ep. 454 - Sing Irishman Sing

Vinyl records by Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer recording artists.


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Length: 0:55:00
Uploaded: 15 Mar, 2018

Recording Date: 15 Mar, 2018
Recording Location: CHMR-FM, St. John's, NL
Logsheet: logsheet_201103.pdf
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: Complete, Ready to Air

Program Title: NewFound Records - Ep. 454 - Sing Irishman Sing
Description: A potful of vintage green served up by Newfoundland & Labrador’s pioneer recording artists including John White, Lew Murphy, The McNulty Family, The Newfoundland Showband, Olive Bayle, Ray Walsh, and others.

It's a brew of Newfoundland-Irish music that you're unlikely to hear on mainstream radio, and it's a great listen! (encore presentation)

Host(s): Wayne Tucker
Featured Speakers/Guests:

Credits: 1. RAY WALSH: St Patrick's Day March/Green Flag March/Kelly The Boy From Killane
2. OMAR BLONDAHL: When Paddy McGinty Plays the Harp
3. JOHN WHITE: O'Hara From Tara
4. MCNULTY FAMILY: Somewhere In Ireland
5. LEW MURPHY: When I Mowed Pat Murphy’s Meadow
6. RYAN’S FANCY: Tipperary's My Dream
7. HARRY HIBBS: How Can I Buy Killarney
8. DICK NOLAN: Forty Shades of Green
10. RAY JOHNSON & THE SOU’WESTERS: Flowers of Kilkeney
11. ANNE-MARIE MURRAY: O’Brien Has No Place To Go
12. OLIVE BAYLE and the IRISH TRADITION: The Leprachaun
13. THE CARLTON SHOWBAND: Sing Irishman Sing
14. SONS OF ERIN: Time Gentlemen Please
15. THE MCNULTY FAMILY: Leather Away With the Wattle O Polka
16. THE MCNULTY FAMILY: Stack Of Wheat Hornpipe


Regional > Canada > Newfoundland and Labrador
Arts and Culture > Music > Folk & Roots
Type: Weekly Program

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(h:mm:ss) 0:55:00
Host Wayne Tucker NFR 402 (Sing Irishman Sing) Download (4)
NF_Records_Sing_Irishman_Sing_Rpt_of_402.mp3 132,169k
320kbps Stereo
Comments: 2017 Edit of NFR 194. Edited by Wayne Tucker. Recorded at the CHMR Studios, Memorial University, St. John's, NL. To air on CHMR March 18, 2017. Researched, produced, and hosted by Wayne Tucker.

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