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(Scott Snailham)

Cheeze Pleeze # 721

We take a look at Grandpa Jones...Campy Country veteran of Hee Haw fame....

Length: 0:29:28
Uploaded: 18 Apr, 2018

Recording Date: 15 Apr, 2018
Recording Location: In A Bunker
Logsheet: logsheet_202709.pdf
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: Cheeze Pleeze # 721
Description: ...while we bring you another celebrity filled version of that raindrops song that screams of cheeze at the first note, and we think being cooped up at the Bunker is getting to snarf, as he's perhaps turning into a cleaning freak!

Host(s): Snarfdude & Daffodil
Featured Speakers/Guests:


Comments: Song List
Skaters Waltz-Lucien Hetu
The Whistler and His Dog-Lucien Hetu

Profile Grandpa Jones
I Don't Know Gee From Haw-Grandpa Jones
The Ball Headed End Of The Broom-Grandpa Jones

Celebrity Slip Up
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head-Robert Goulet

It’s a Monster’s Holiday-Buck Owens

Pneumatic Tube Tune
The Bum Song-Mac

Total Time: 29:28
Talk Time: 09:26

Arts and Culture > Comedy
Type: Weekly Program

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