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Routes & Branches & Beyond #36

My Country in 13 Songs


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Ivan Emke/ CKVB

A long-time community radio enthusiast, I enjoy stations with huge diversity... stations with programs that I have to sometimes turn...

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Uploaded: 28 Jun, 2018

Recording Date: 28 Jun, 2018
Recording Location: Bay of Islands Radio (CKVB), Corner Brook, NL
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: Routes & Branches & Beyond #36
Description: This week on Routes & Branches & Beyond, the theme is "My Country in 13 Songs." I realize that it will be impossible to capture the glorious complexity of the Canadian experience in just a baker's dozen of tracks, but that is no reason to avoid trying. One song from each province/territory, played in the order in which they joined confederation. (Or the order in which they were pressured into confederation - none of them really joined of their own accord...) All the Canadian references are there - maple syrup, lumberjacks, the wisdom of elders, cigarettes, hard-but-noble living, landscapes, and lots of the Great Canadian Fiddle (our national instrument). Oh, and yaffles of thankfulness. Canada is 35 million huge sighs of relief that we are not living in another country close by.

Host(s): Ivan Emke
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