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Rethinking Europe's Migrant Crisis: Weapons of Mass Movement?

J Michael Spingmann and Barrie Zwicker examine the migrant crisis as a deliberate geostrategy


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Recording Date: 29 Jun, 2018
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Program Title: Rethinking Europe's Migrant Crisis: Weapons of Mass Movement?
Description: On this week’s Global Research News Hour, we examine the European migrant crisis from the perspective of geo-strategy. Former U.S. State Department Official, whistleblower and author J Michael Springmann sees the mass movement of peoples from militarily compromised countries in North Africa and Southwest Asia as not only a consequence, but a deliberate instrument of US geo-strategy. We discuss his 2017 book: ‘Good-Bye Europe, Hello Chaos? Merkel’s Migrant Bomb’ with the author himself, and with Toronto based writer, journalist, and media critic Barrie Zwicker.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Barrie Zwicker, J Michael Springmann

Credits: interviews by Michael Welch


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