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Latin Waves interviews author Dr Robert Jensen

Plain Radical, Living, Loving and learning to leave the Planet Gracefully


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Recording Date: 12 Sep, 2018
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Program Title: Latin Waves interviews author Dr Robert Jensen
Description: Latin Waves host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Robert Jensen on his book Plain Radical, Living, Loving and learning to leave the Planet Gracefully. It’s hard to have hope…What will you tell the generations that come after you’re gone? The young ask the old to hope….what will you tell them? Tell them at least what you say to yourself. Tell them we lived in a world face with many challenges and also amazing opportunities to create a new path grounded in local focus, fierce intelligence and deep connection with one another.

Tell them the path is made by walking, by engaging with open hearted-ness and wide-awakeness that provide for a meaningful and radical engagement with the world.

Host(s): Stuart and Sylvia Richardson
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dr Robert Jensen

Credits: Stuart and Sylvia Richardson,
Latin Waves Grassroots Media

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