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Chris Hedges – Rise Up & Resist

Chris Hedges – Rise Up & Resist

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Program Title: Chris Hedges – Rise Up & Resist
Description: When is enough enough? In the face of evil what does it take for people to move from passivity to active resistance? Throughout history there have been instances of people defying tyranny. Fighting back no matter what the odds. An example comes from Nazi Germany, often considered the benchmark of evil. Opposition to the regime was highly dangerous. Seventy-five years ago, Hans and Sophie Scholl, brother and sister, and others at the University of Munich said, Genug. Enough. They formed the White Rose movement and called on Germans to recognize their moral duty and overthrow the government. They disseminated critical information through flyers and graffiti. One such graffiti said, “Whatever comes out of Hitler's mouth is a lie." In 1943, Hans and Sophie Scholl were arrested and beheaded. Their resistance and courage are honored today. They took risks. Can we?

Featured Speakers/Guests: Chris Hedges is an award-winning journalist who has reported from the Balkans, the Middle East and Central America. He writes a weekly column for He is the author of many books including Death of the Liberal Class, The World As It Is, Wages of Rebellion and America: The Farewell Tour



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