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(Greg Macdougall

Brazil - Fascism under president Bolsonaro?

Three half-hour audios from Ottawa events after Bolsonaro's election

Length: 1:26:15
Uploaded: 28 Feb, 2019

Recording Date: 15 Nov, 2018
Recording Location: Ottawa - 25One Community space and also Carleton University
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Language: English
Topical for: 1 Year
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Program Title: Brazil - Fascism under president Bolsonaro?
Description: Two Brazilian legal activists speak about far-right Jair Bolonsaro being elected and what it might mean (track 1), while two academics (tracks 2 and 3, respectively) give their perspective, also including looks at what fascism is in theory and a critique of the Brazilian left - but still focused on the dangers posed with Bolsonaro taking the presidency.

Background info / article write-up is at - includes printable PDF versions.

Host(s): Greg Macdougall
Featured Speakers/Guests: * Maria Luisa Mendonca, Network for Social Justice and Human Rights in Brazil * Max Garcez, Brazilian labour lawyer * Charmain Levy, academic/professor at UQO (Universite de Quebec en l'Outaouais) * Sabrina Fernandes, Brazilian PhD grad of Carleton and popular Youtuber ('Tese Onze')

Credits: Greg Macdougall,

Comments: Each audio is slightly less than 30min, and contains short identifying intro and outro.

The first file is three parts in one: a 6min interview of Maria Luisa, then a segment of Max's talk, then a segment of Maria Luisa's responses to audience questions.

The other two files are both full talks.

The third file, of Sabrina Fernandes, is slightly lower quality because her talk wasn't in person but over the internet and computer speaker system.

Raw recordings of all files are available in case anyone has a desire to do better editing/tech improvement on them.

Politics > Activism
Type: Speech/Presentation

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(h:mm:ss) 0:27:00 Dr. Charmain Levy (UQO) on Brazil Download (0)
BrazilBolsonaro_Charmain-Levy_16Nov2018-CarletonU.mp3 25,931k
128kbps Stereo
Comments: Event hosted by Dept of Sociology & Anthropology, Justin Paulson

(h:mm:ss) 0:29:43 Dr. Sabrina Fernandes on Brazil/Bolsonaro Download (0)
BrazilBolsonaro_Sabrina-Fernandes_16Nov2018-CarletonU.mp3 28,529k
128kbps Stereo
Comments: Event hosted by Dept of Sociology & Anthropology, Justin Paulson

(h:mm:ss) 0:29:32
Greg Macdougall - Brazil/Bolsonaro - Maria Luisa Mendonca & Max Garcez Download (0)
Brazil-MariaLuisaMendoncaMaxGarcez-Nov2018-Ottawa.mp3 28,362k
128kbps Stereo
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