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EarthMatters - 62

Citizen's Guide to Climate Success


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Recording Date: 1 Mar, 2020
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Program Title: EarthMatters - 62
Description: Are you a Climate Concerned Citizen?  Do you have to deal with climate insincere politicians? Can you compromise enough to meet the 'other side' halfway, or are your cognitive biases holding you back from convincing others to 'do more'.

"After three decades of acknowledged concern by world political leaders, the global effort to reduce GHG emissions is still feeble and sporadic," says Prof. Mark Jaccard in his latest book, 'The Citizens Guide to Climate Success'.

Jaccard suggests that we avoid the 3 Big Myths put out by the fossil fuel industry.  He also asks us to accept that fossil fuels are still the cheapest and most expedient was for developing countries to achieve energy independence and grow their economies.

Host(s): Lawson Hunter
Featured Speakers/Guests: Mark Jaccard is a professor of sustainable energy at Simon Fraser University.

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