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Peter Andreas - Drugs & War

Peter Andreas - Drugs & War

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Program Title: Peter Andreas - Drugs & War
Description: Many of us are aware of the spurious deals between government, sometimes called state actors and the drug trade. There are long-running TV series like Narco, based in Colombia, and El Chapo based in Mexico. There are major books about CIA involvement in drug trafficking in the 1980s to fund U.S. interventions in Central America, as well as in Southeast Asia and Afghanistan. Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, opium, amphetamine and cocaine lace through the history of human conflict. Each of these addictive substances has fueled our larger addiction to war itself.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Peter Andreas is Professor of International Studies at Brown University. He is author of Smuggler Nation and Killer High: A History of War in Six Drugs.



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