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(Victoria Fenner)

Fish Tales and Buffalo Cheese

How a stamp entrepreneur launched a Canadian fish firm that delivers to your door.


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Recording Date: 10 Aug, 2020
Recording Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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Program Title: Fish Tales and Buffalo Cheese
Description: This episode is about how a Moroccan stamp entrepreneur became a fish magnate who is shipping fresh tuna right to your door.

Plus, buffalo milk from a lone ranger near Stratford Ontario, as we learn about why buffalo milk makes 3 per cent from cows look like skim.

Seafood Crate -- When Phil Behaim’s father, Marc first came to Canada from Morocco, he sold collectable stamps, stamp tweezers and anything else an avid philatelist could want. Then he got the idea of importing octopus and other sorts of seafood and grew his company into Inter-Canada Fisheries. Phil, now the CEO of the company along with his brother and sister now run the shop and have turned their attention to delivering fresh seafood right to customer’s doorsteps, no stamps involved.

Tenderbuff -- Henry Koskamp is bullish on buffalo. Not for their meat, but for their milk, porcelain white and fat and flavour-rich. For twenty years he’s breeding and milking buffalo on his Stratford farm to serve a growing cheese market, all without a milk marketing board looking over his shoulder Here’s his chat with Wayne MacPhail about his beginnings, his buffalo and how not having to worry about quotas is just fine by him.

Host(s): Wayne MacPhail
Featured Speakers/Guests: Phil Behaim - Seafood Crate Henry Koskamp - Tenderbuff, Stratford, Ontario

Credits: Wayne MacPhail - host and producer
Yolanda Thornton - publisher - Harrowsmith Magazine
Victoria Fenner - campus and community radio distribution

Theme music by David Archibald


Environment > Agriculture
Type: Interview

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