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Latin Waves interviews author/activist Yves Engler

History of oppression and repression of Haiti poor majority, Western powers complicit


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Program Title: Latin Waves interviews author/activist Yves Engler
Description: Yves Engler (born 1979) is a Montreal writer and political activist. In addition to seven published books, Engler’s writings have appeared in the alternative press and in mainstream publications such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen and Ecologist. His The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy book was on a short list for the Quebec Writers’ Federation Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction along with two other books.

Latin Waves host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Yves Engler about empire and black history month. Look in any encyclopedia. Ask which was the first country to abolish slavery. The encyclopedia will answer Britain. The first country that was free, truly free, was Haiti. It abolished slavery in 1804, and has since been fighting to defend its right to self governance. In this interview we speak about the history of oppression and repression of Haiti poor majority. The face of imperialism in the 21st century.
How the US and Canada are currently backing an illegitimate president despite massive uprisings.

Host(s): Stuart and Sylvia Richardson
Featured Speakers/Guests: Yves Engler

Credits: Stuart and Sylvia Richardson,
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