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(David Blaine)

Balmoral Blues EP-155

Weekly one hour of Blues from the Shuswap, British Columbia


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David Blaine

Discussing all things blues from beautiful Balmoral, British Columbia.

Length: 0:56:22
Uploaded: 17 Apr, 2021

Recording Date: 21 Mar, 2021
Recording Location: Balmoral, British Columbia, Canada
Logsheet: logsheet_250582.pdf
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: As Broadcast

Program Title: Balmoral Blues EP-155
Description: Join host David Blaine for an hour of blues, this week featuring an all Canadian lineup of blues with Sunday Wilde, Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Delauriers, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Lindi Ortega, Dione Taylor, Kat Danser, Blue Moon Marquee, Guy Del Villano, Othman Wahabi & Casablanca Kid, BMW, Terry Gillespie, Blue Attitude, Earle & Coffin, and Rags n' Bones. Tune into 93.7 FM on your radio dial or online. Also like our Facebook page, visit Instagram, or make a blues request at

Host(s): David Blaine
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Type: Weekly Program

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