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WINGS #04-21 Female Circumcision in Sudan

FGM is illegal again, but not forgotten

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Program deals in medical scientific terms with the practice of female circumcision - now known as female genital mutilation (FGM) and the illnesses and social problems it can produce.


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Recording Date: 10 May, 2021
Recording Location: New York NY and Denman Island BC.
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Program Title: WINGS #04-21 Female Circumcision in Sudan
Description: In 2020, Sudan's transitional government outlawed female genital mutilation. Dr. Nahid Toubia thoroughly explained the practice, its health effects, its cultural effects, and the prospects for ending it, to Diane Bailey of UN Radio, in 1992.

Host(s): Diane Bailey, Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dr. Nahid Toubia is a surgeon and an activist for female reproductive health and for bodily autonomy for all people. When she gave this interview, she worked with the Population Council in New York. She now directs the Institute for Reproductive Health and Rights, in Sudan. The late Diane Bailey was a producer with UN Radio's late-lamented radio program "Women" and later head of English Language services for UN Radio.

Credits: Interview by Diane Bailey. Audio courtesy of UN Radio archives. Script and editing by Frieda Werden.

Comments: Trigger warning at top of program.

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Comments: Female Circumcision in Sudan, Diane Bailey interviews Dr. Nahid Toubia - updated from WINGS#08-92

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