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First We Eat, From Nose to Tail

A documentary about eating locally for a year in the North. And eating pork, whole hog.


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Recording Date: 7 Jun, 2021
Recording Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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Program Title: First We Eat, From Nose to Tail
Description: 1. In this episode we meet the woman behind a remarkable Canadian documentary, “First We Eat”. Suzanne Crocker takes us behind the scenes of a film she made about the transformative year when she inspired her family to eat totally local for twelve months. In Dawson City, hard by the Arctic Circle, through the winter. Dawson City, Yukon is a northern community of 1,500 people. 97 per cent of the food for those folks is trucked in from thousands of kilometers away.Retired doctor, filmmaker and mother Suzanne Crocker wanted to see what would happen if she and her family could eat completely closer to home for a year - no salt, no coffee no oranges or chocolate. Her coaxing resulted in an at-first resistant family eating only eating local produce, foragings fish and livestock for a year, through a Yukon winter. And, she decided to film the whole thing. The result is a remarkable portrait, no only of a family’s resilence, but also of a bountiful land and a community of independant and inventive farmers, fisherfolk and indigenous elders ready to share their bounty and their wisdom.


Ken Dam and his wife Clare run a small farm near Lyden, Ontario. And on that farm they have some hogs, hogs that the couple wanted to honour by making sure they didn’t waste a bit of the goodness in the animal. So, they decided to eat from nose to tail, struggling with gelatinous headcheese and salty prosciutto along the way.

Host(s): Wayne MacPhail
Featured Speakers/Guests: Suzanne Crocker Ken Dam

Credits: Wayne MacPhail - producer and host
Yolanda Thornton - Harrowsmith Publisher
Victoria Fenner - campus and community radio distribution


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Type: Interview

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