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(Scott Snailham)

Cheeze Pleeze # 903

A look at Joe Dolce, once we can figure out how to pronounce his last name.


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Length: 0:29:43
Uploaded: 13 Oct, 2021

Recording Date: 10 Oct, 2021
Recording Location: Somewhere on the road in a van
Logsheet: logsheet_259086.pdf
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: Complete, Ready to Air
Copyright: Scott Snailham Productions. Free for all non profit LPFM's and internet streams.

Program Title: Cheeze Pleeze # 903
Description: We said it wrong? Shaddup ya face will ya! More of the seemingless endless beatles instrumental covers, and we'll try to really make your ears bleed when chachi dares to sing! Come on, you can handle it....lotsa bandages over the ears helps.

Host(s): Snarfdude and Daffodil
Featured Speakers/Guests:

Credits: Series created by Snarfdude and Moondog, but produced weekly by Snarfdude and Daffodil for Scott Snailham Productions. Announcer: Mark "Uncle Skeeter" Feiock

Comments: Song List
Hey Jude-Mexican Banditos
Ob La Di Ob La Da-Mexican Banditos

Profile-Joe Dolce
Shaddup You Face-Joe Dolce
Ain't No UFO Gonna Catch My Diesel-Joe Dolce
If You Wanna Be Happy-Joe Dolce

Celebrity Slip Up
Midnight Confessions-Scott Baio

Glove Compartment Gouda
Dervish Bee + Wasp Tabla-Naing Naing

Total Time: 29:43
Talk Time: 08:23

Arts and Culture > Comedy
Type: Weekly Program

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