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Fit to Eat Season 2 Episode 26

Visiting Birchbark Farm in Pasadena


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Uploaded: 22 Nov, 2021

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Program Title: Fit to Eat Season 2 Episode 26
Description: Is farming a vocation? A calling? An occupation? A l ifestyle? Maybe all of these things? What draws people to farming? Is it the comforting assurance at the start of a day that you have more work ahead of you than you can manage? And that something will happen today that you had not expected? Today, we head to Birch Bark Farm in pastoral Pasadena, to dance around some of these questions and actually answer plenty of more practical ones as well. Richard Butt shows us around his farm - we’re on a tour of fields, a forest glade, a caterpillar tunnel, a packing station, greenhouses – some completed, some under construction. And all of this in the brisk air of an autumn afternoon in the Humber Valley.

By the way, it was a farmer who chose the name Pasadena for that community – naming it after a well-known California city. Maybe it was in hopes that the agriculture would be equally prosperous in those two regions. The thing is, in the other Pasadena, they get over 4,200 hours of sunshine per year. In the NL Pasadena, the sun shines about 1,800 hours. But don’t focus on that difference. Rather, focus on the amazing things one can grow with just 1800 hours of sunlight!

Host(s): Ivan Emke
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