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Fit to Eat Season 2 Episode 35

At the Nourish and Develop Foundation, part 1


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Program Title: Fit to Eat Season 2 Episode 35
Description: You’ve likely heard the saying, “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” It is a proverb found in several African cultures. On today’s program, we suggest that maybe it takes a whole village to feed and take care of all of its residents – or something like that. Next up, we visit one such a village.

Some time back, Joyce and I were biking through a small rural town east of Lake Simcoe in Ontario. I started noticing community gardens, signs about food-related social services, a community kitchen, all connected with a volunteer-run thrift store (a rather nice one, as it turned out), a café, and a few other indications that something was going on in this town that I needed to check out more closely. And that is what brings us to Cannington, Ontario, today.

The village is surrounded by farmlands, wetlands and bush, in a region where Agriculture is the largest employer – though that doesn’t mean that everyone has all of the food that they need. It is in Brock Township, which goes by the motto “Breathe it in.” This is very appropriate, except maybe on those days when liquid manure is being spread. Cannington has a population of about 1800, which is the size of Flatrock or Gambo or Kippens in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This is the home to the Nourish and Development Foundation, sometimes referred to here as the TNDF. This group highlights the central role of food in community development. Good food is treated as not just a final output, or a result, but it is also an opening, a space to begin to address other aspects of a person’s life situation. TNDF has organized a hub that operates community gardens, a food bank, community meals, social services, a market, assists with a farm and café, and more. This is one example of how an integrated group can connect food with many other social values, and to do that for all in the community. There may be such groups in your region as well. I would hope so. But this is one example to consider. Join us.

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