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On Earth Day, consider joining the DAMN! Campaign

Graham Flint of the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition joins Doreen Nicoll to talk about the


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Program Title: On Earth Day, consider joining the DAMN! Campaign
Description: This week on rabble radio, Graham Flint of the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition in Ontario joins Doreen Nicoll to talk about the importance of gravel reform in Ontario.

The province has authorized annual extraction limits of over 13 times the actual amount of gravel used in Ontario annually. This calculation does not account for the 15 per cent of aggregate sites that have been granted unlimited extraction tonnage limits.

160 million tonnes of aggregates are produced each year. That amount of aggregate could fill enough trucks to circle around the entire world six times.

Enough is enough, so says the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition.

The “Demand A Moratorium Now” petition looks at the new approvals for gravel mining in Ontario. Gravel mining is destroying natural habitats and damaging communities across Ontario. The Reform Gravel Mining Coalition believes the people affected should have a say in the matter.

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Host(s): Breanne Doyle
Featured Speakers/Guests: Graham Flint - interview Doreen Nicoll - interview

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