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The Courage My Friends podcast is back!

In our return to the Courage My Friends podcast, Resh Budhu welcomes Henry Giroux.


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Program Title: The Courage My Friends podcast is back!
Description: This week on rabble radio, we share a segment of this year’s debut episode of the Courage My Friends podcast series, hosted on Needs No Introduction.

In the first episode of this year’s Courage My Friends podcast series, we welcome Henry Giroux.

Does education have a moral and political purpose? What do we mean by critical pedagogy - and why is it so vital in these times? Giroux joins host of the Courage My Friends podcast Resh Budhu to talk about education, critical pedagogy and the future of learning in a post-pandemic world.

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The Courage My Friends podcast is presented by and the Tommy Douglas Institute, with the support of the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation.

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Host(s): Breanne Doyle
Featured Speakers/Guests: Resh Budhu - interview Henry Giroux - interview

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