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(Stuart Richardson)

Latin Waves interviews Jorge Martin Secretariat of Hands of Venezuela

Ukraine, Global Food Shortages, Columbia and Summit of the Americas


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Recording Date: 4 Jun, 2022
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Program Title: Latin Waves interviews Jorge Martin Secretariat of Hands of Venezuela
Description: Latin Waves’ host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Jorge Martin Secretariat of Hands off Venezuela, they speak about the growing global food crisis due to the war in Ukraine, how imperial powers like Russia and the US don't mind starving the global population for their own imperial interests.

How the US is losing ground in Latin America, many countries are going left including Columbia whom is on the verge of electing their first ever left wing government.

How Mexico are other nations are making a mockery of the Summit of the Americas by not attending.

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Host(s): Stuart and Sylvia Richardson
Featured Speakers/Guests: Jorge Martin

Credits: Stuart and Sylvia Richardson,
Latin Waves Grassroots Media

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