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The CFNU and present Nurses’ Voices

This week, we share Nurses' Voices: Stories of courage and determination in the face of COVID-19


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Breanne Doyle

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Program Title: The CFNU and present Nurses’ Voices
Description: It would be an understatement to say that COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed life in Canada. After two years since the pandemic came into our lives, we’re still grappling with a “new normal” and grieving the experiences, time, and loved ones we lost during the worst waves of the pandemic.

No one knows this grief better than our healthcare workers.

Nurses and healthcare workers stepped up during the pandemic to face COVID first hand; working extended shifts with decreased or no time off; adapting to changes in the methods of delivering care; facing burnout, stress, anxiety, and sometimes contracting COVID themselves. All the while they were also encountering a small population of the public convinced that COVID-19 was something not to take seriously.

Today, we give our healthcare heroes a voice.

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and present: Nurses' Voices: Stories of courage and determination in the face of COVID-19. We interviewed over 25 healthcare professionals from across the country and asked them to share what they’d like our audience to know about their experiences working through this deadly virus.

Today on rabble radio, we share snippets of those interviews.

If you’d like to read Nurses' Voices: Stories of courage and determination in the face of COVID-19, you can find a digital copy here. (insert link)

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