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Kimberly Carroll, a coach for changemakers

For 13 years, Carroll has empowered and counseled thousands of activists.


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Breanne Doyle

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Program Title: Kimberly Carroll, a coach for changemakers
Description: This week, Jillian Piper speaks to Kimberly Carroll; an animal rights advocate and coach for changemakers.

For 13 years, Carroll has empowered and counseled thousands of activists, social entrepreneurs, and mission-driven leaders who want to make a bigger difference in the world.

By taking clients through a journey of deep inner work, finding empowering habits, and developing a strategy to unlock one’s activism superpowers, Carroll has made a name for herself as one who “helps the helpers.”

Today, Carrol joins Piper to talk about what inspires her about this work and how activists can better take care of themselves through this demanding – and often underappreciated – work.

Are you interested in improving your activism?

Kimberly Carroll wanted to share a few free resources for our audience:

A five-part video mini course on preventing burnout and becoming a more impactful joyful and resilient changemaker on Kimberly Carroll’s website.

A six-week course which focuses on self-empowerment, how to lobby politicians, how to get the media’s attention, and how to organize in your community - brought to you by Animal Justice Academy.

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