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Destigmatizing homelessness and drug addiction is key in reducing health inequity

Nick Seebruch speaks with members of HPAP about destigmatizing addiction, homelessness, and poverty.


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Breanne Doyle

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Program Title: Destigmatizing homelessness and drug addiction is key in reducing health inequity
Description: This week on the show, rabble editor Nick Seebruch sits down with Sara Pishdadian and Adriana Di Stefano, both active members of Health Providers Against Poverty.

Healthcare Providers Against Poverty is a group of healthcare workers who strive to make healthcare provision equitable for all.

Pishdadian and Di Stefano explain how addressing the social determinants of health, meaning the economic and social conditions at play which affect one’s health status, need to be addressed in order to reduce health inequity. Destigmatizing homelessness, poverty, and drug addiction is also key in providing care to every Canadian.

The two also dive into the many resources, events, campaigns, and support groups that are available through Healthcare Providers Against Poverty.

“In a country where we are so proud of equitable healthcare, efforts such as this are of utmost importance to ensure that our healthcare system truly does remain accessible for all.” –

Also on the show this week, we feature a song by Ish Theilheimer, in honour of his friend, Mel Watkins. Listen to “Mel, the Parry Sound Babysitter” today.

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Host(s): Wayne MacPhail
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Credits: Breanne Doyle - script, producer
Wayne MacPhail - host, editor
Nick Seebruch - ICMYI, script
Kim Elliott - publisher
Karl Nerenberg - music


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