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Edward Said - Palestine: Memory, Inequality & Power

Edward Said - Palestine: Memory, Inequality & Power

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Program Title: Edward Said - Palestine: Memory, Inequality & Power
Description: The 1993 Oslo Accords between Israelis and Palestinians. You might recall the scene. Arafat, Rabin and Clinton at the White House beaming away and shaking hands. It was a euphoric moment. Peace and stability were at long last at hand. Did that happen? Take a look at a map. Oslo enabled greater Israeli control and expansion of colonies, euphemistically called settlements. There is no peace process rather it should be called an annexation/occupation process with an ever-shrinking possibility for a viable independent Palestinian state. And Washington? One administration after another went along with this charade. And the beleaguered Palestinians and their woeful leaders? They are to be grateful if they have a few malls, direct traffic and collect garbage. Rarely in the history of diplomacy has there been such a one-sided outcome as Oslo.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Edward Said, an internationally renowned Columbia University professor practically invented the field of post-colonial studies. His great works Orientalism and Culture and Imperialism have been translated into many languages. He felt strongly that intellectuals had a special responsibility to speak out against injustice, challenge power, confront hegemonic thinking, and provide alternatives.



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