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48 hours of war in Lebanon

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Uploaded: 14 Jul, 2006

Recording Date: 14 Jul, 2006
Recording Location: Toronto on phone to Beirut
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Program Title: 48 hours of war in Lebanon
Description: Israeli airstrikes against Lebanon continue as the siege tightens. Stefan Christoff of Montreal's CKUT interviewed by phone from Beirut.

Host(s): Kristin Schwartz
Featured Speakers/Guests: Stefan Christoff


Comments: On Friday, Israeli airstrikes against Lebanon continued, with attacks on highways and Beirut's international airport. Israel has destroyed the Beirut headquarters of Hezbollah, the guerilla army which took two Israeli soldiers into custody on Wednesday. Israel is also blockading the Lebanon's coastline. The Lebanese government is reporting that 63 have been killed and 167 more wounded.

Meanwhile, Israeli is claiming that Hezbollah has fired 200 rockets into Northern Israel, killing 10 and wounding 100.

Stefan Christoff is in Beirut, writing for the Daily Star, and producing TADAMON! a weekly radio program with a team of community radio journalists based at CKUT in Montreal.

You can find some of his writing, and keep up to date on events, at

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