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Interview with Helen Hudson from the Certain Days Collective

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Uploaded: 26 Jan, 2009

Recording Date: 23 Jan, 2009
Recording Location: Halifax, NS
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Program Title: Interview with Helen Hudson from the Certain Days Collective
Description: Does our justice system stop crimes? Should crimes that are rooted in deeper social and economic problems be punished by imprisonment? This interview with Helen Hudson addressed these issues. Helen works in solidarity with political prisons with a group based in Montreal called Certain Days.

Host(s): Candice Cascanette
Featured Speakers/Guests: Helen Hudson


Comments: Helen discusses her involvement with Certain Days, her views on the prison industrial complex and the Certain Days 2009 Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar, a fundraising and educational initiative between outside organizers and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prison in New York state, two of which were formerly involved with the Black Panther Party.

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