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(Candace Mooers)

Toxic Holocaust

Interview with Relapse metal band

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Candace Mooers

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Uploaded: 16 May, 2009

Recording Date: 15 May, 2009
Recording Location: sitting on a curb, Toronto
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Program Title: Toxic Holocaust
Description: Interview with Joel Grind, guitarist and vocalist for Toxic Holocaust. Discusses the DIY punk ethic behind the band, and what it's like touring with Napalm Death.

Toxic Holocaust features two ex-members from Rammer (formerly based out of Toronto). Toxic Holocaust are now based out of Portland, Oregon.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Joel Grind, interviewed by Candace Mooers

Credits: recorded for CHRY 105.5 FM

Comments: Beware the word "shit." Nice sounds of birds chirping in the background.

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Type: Interview

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