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A look at Mad Pride, In 4 Interviews

Four interviews about recovery from mental illness and mad pride


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Recording Date: 28 May, 2009
Recording Location: Nanaimo, B.C.
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Program Title: A look at Mad Pride, In 4 Interviews
Description: Leef Evans, an author and artist, experienced a severe bout of depression six years ago that resulted in hospitalization and the loss of apartment, car, and virtually all connection with family and friends.
While living on Vancouver’s downtown eastside, Lee participated in an art program at Coast Mental Health Resource Centre and he is now a part of the Gallery Gachet collective.
He recently told Westender magazine that he has been forced, through his painting, to deal with his lifelong struggle with depression.
Austin Mardon was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1992. A researcher, author, and academic with degrees in geography and education, he was among a group of researchers who explored Antarctica.
Austin took a permanent detour from the academic course of his life into a life of service and advocacy for a group that he says is mostly ‘despised and feared’ in mainstream society.
Austin Mardon was awarded the Order of Canada in 2007 for his advocacy work on behalf of people with schizophrenia.
Ruth Ruth Stackhouse is a theatre director and abilities community activist. She works with psychiatric survivors and people with disabilities, and is committed to improving the lives of others through their inclusion and participation in artistic practice.
Ruth Ruth is an organizer of the annual Mad Pride events in Toronto, including the Bed Push. “We dress a gurney up like a bed and the sheets have words of empowerment like hope, faith, education on it,� she told the Toronto Community News.
Charles Barber was educated at Harvard and Columbia and worked for ten years in New York City shelters for the homeless mentally ill.  His recent book Comfortably Numb, was released in 2008 to national media attention.
Charles has written frankly about his own childhood experiences with obsessive compulsive disorder in his book, Songs From the Black Chair. 
He is currently a senior executive at The Connection, an innovative social services agency, and a lecturer in psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine.

Host(s): Kevin Midbo, Jan Coleman
Featured Speakers/Guests: Leef Evans, Austin Mardon, Ruth Ruth Stackhouse, Charles Barber

Credits: People First Radio is an initiative of Columbian Centre Society and broadcast on CHLY 101.7 FM community/campus radio in Nanaimo, B.C.

Comments: The opnions expressed are not necessarily those of Columbian Centre Society or Radio Malaspina Society.

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