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NCRC 2009: Trans Inclusion Workshop

Women in Radio Conference Workshop on Trans Inclusion at C/C Stations

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Candace Mooers

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Uploaded: 17 Jun, 2009

Recording Date: 11 Jun, 2009
Recording Location: McGill University, Montreal
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Language: English
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Program Title: NCRC 2009: Trans Inclusion Workshop
Description: Opening remarks by Swan Kennedy (CKUT FM, Montreal) and Denise Holliday (CKDU FM, Halifax) followed by general questions, answers, and discussion. Presenters spoke of their personal experiences in c/c radio, the complexities around trans gender identities, and trans inclusion in news and music programming.

Host(s): CKUT FM, Montreal
Featured Speakers/Guests: Swan Kennedy (CKUT FM, Montreal) and Denise Holliday (CKDU FM, Halifax) as well as other workshop participants from CKUT, CKDU, CFRC, CJAM, CHRY, and CKUW.

Credits: Recorded by Candace Mooers for the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC)

Comments: This recording was initially not intended for public broadcast, but you can edit as per the creative commons license.

Arts and Culture > Radio Arts
Society and Culture > Sexuality
Politics > Feminism
Society and Culture > Women
Type: Speech/Presentation

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