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Michelle Coyne: What is Freeganism?

Michelle Coyne discusses reclaiming food from waste

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Recording Date: 5 Nov, 2009
Recording Location: CHRY FM studio, Toronto
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Program Title: Michelle Coyne: What is Freeganism?
Description: What is freeganism? Michelle Coyne discusses dumpster dining as a means of opting out of capitalism and as a means of responding to a flawed food system.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Michelle Coyne, PhD Candidate in Communication and Culture at York and Ryerson Universities, interviewed by Salimah Vaiya and Candace Mooers

Credits: News Now Thursdays, CHRY 105.5 FM

Comments: This interview is timeless except for a mention at the beginning of a presentation Michelle delivered "last night" at a Sustainable Food Week panel at Ryerson University. But no specific dates are mentioned. Would be suitable for airplay on/around World Food Day, Buy Nothing Day, etc.

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