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(Omme-Salma Rahemtullah)

No Pride In Occupation - Part 1 QuAIA and Queer Histories

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

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Recording Date: 4 May, 2010
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Program Title: No Pride In Occupation - Part 1 QuAIA and Queer Histories
Description: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) is a Toronto-based organization that was formed to work in solidarity with queers in Palestine and Palestinian resistance movements around the world. As a queer group, QuAIA recognizes that homophobia exists in Israel, Palestine, and across all borders, but queer Palestinians face the additional challenge of living under occupation, subject to Israeli state violence and control.

Ever since its inception in 2008, QuAIA has faced intense opposition from Zionist lobbyists and supporters. From ban threats to physical safety, QuAIA has been fighting for it to be heard as a legitimate queer voice in Toronto, and not be seen as a hate group. QuAIA is engaged in fighting against the increasing depoliticization and corporatization of Pride spaces in Toronto.

This documentary No Pride in Occupation, explores the debate by speaking to academics and activists in the queer community. We spoke to Ayesha Basit (QuAIA member), Laurel Bertowitz (Graduate Student, York University), Elle Flanders (Artist, Graduate Student, York University and QuAIA member), Doreen Fumia (Professor at Ryerson University), Natalie Kouri-Towe (Graduate Student, University of Toronto and QuAIA member), Johanna May Black (Graduate Student, York University), and Jasbir Puar (Professor at Rutgers University).

The documentary is divided into three parts. Part One, QuAIA and Queer Histories, explores progressive queer histories and politics in Toronto. In part two, Canadian and Israeli Homonationalisms, we look at the debate through the lens of homonationalism and multiculturalism within Canada and Israel, and explore how certain queer indetities get folded within the nationalist discourses. Part 3, Production of Bad Queers and Hate, looks how the QuAIA debate has produced good queer and bad queers, and how discourses of hate and comfort have been mobilized by Zionist lobbyists.

The QuAIA debate is just one of the many controversies surrounding Pride this year. These debates also point to how pride spaces are being reproduced and reconstructed for a homogenous apolitical middle class white gay male neoliberal subject who have the cultural and material capital to access these spaces.

Host(s): Nishant Upadhyay and Omme-Salma Rahemtullah
Featured Speakers/Guests: Ayesha Basit, Laurel Bertowitz, Elle Flanders, Doreen Fumia, Natalie Kouri-Towe, Johanna May Black, and Jasbir Puar


Comments: Since the production of this documentary some movements have been made in this 'debate'. Giorgio Mammoliti submitted a motion in city council to defund Pride if QuAIA participates. At the time of posting, no decision by city council on this motion has been made. Also at the time of posting, no official word from Pride has been released regarding QuAIA's participation.

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