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Indigenous Culture & Disability Part 1 (Encore)
09 Feb, 2018 | 0:29:50 |
EN | CJAM-FM Music Department |

This program focuses on disability issues. Host Cam Wells will explore all sides of this comparing and contrasting with able bodied life.
Underground electronic music mixed and curated by Seán Savage
09 Feb, 2018 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | The Mix Sessions with Seán Savage

Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Mix Sessions is a global gathering of music fans every week bringing you the best underground electronic music around including Electronica, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass and Deep House. This show is 50% CanCon (12 songs of 24). If you are playing the show on your station please let me know so we...
Show #711 Week of FEB 09 2018
09 Feb, 2018 | 2:55:31 |
EN | Moz Taylor |

> > 14th year on-air – CanCon friendly, award-winning two-hour weekly syndicated radio show produced in Montreal Qc. since 2004. ** PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS ** OVER 1.7 MILLION EPISODES DOWNLOADED _ 2017; 2009 BEST ENGLISH COMMUNITY RADIO SHOW OF THE YEAR _ SOBA Awards, Outremont Theatre, Montreal; 14TH YEAR ON-AIR – continuously produced & hosted by Moz Taylor providing a...
Canada's Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour
09 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:58 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

New spins from Kyle Casey and Iona + plenty of Celtic to carry you from Halcyon Daze to Sweet Oblivion. Join Patricia Fraser for Celt In A Twist!
exciting contemporary global music alternative to jukebox radio
09 Feb, 2018 | 0:58:32 |
EN | Cal Koat | worldbeatcanada radio

5 Star Motel stay with Peruvian Chicha from Gitkin, new Adonis Puentes and Bang Data upload and update classic CCR. Fortunate Son, you discovered World Beat Canada!
28 min feature of The Ashley Hundred plus 28 min of Western Canadian indie music mix!
08 Feb, 2018 | 0:56:18 |
EN | Mae Wandinger | Indie Beat

28 minute feature of the Ashley Hundred who've been recipients of a Storyhive Grant and a scholarship from The Prophets of Music, plus tracks by Library Voices, Goodwood Atoms, Leisure Club, Windmills, Ponteix, Coldwater Road, Kaley Kinjo & Run Deer Run!
An Open Format Music Show. Britpop, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, and Canadian music
08 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:59 |
EN | Jordan Vail | Hipsters Hate Us

SETLIST FOR THIS WEEKS SHOW OF "Hipsters Hate Us" 1) The Charlatans - Bullet Comes 2) Beck - I'm So Free 3) Designosaur - Laughter (Canadian) 4) Kyle Craft - Exile Rag 5) Slow - Out Of The Cold (Canadian) 6) The Brood - Munchies (Canadian) 7) Migos - Gang Gang 8) Lil Yachty - Forever Young 9) Math Class...
The Crackdown on LGBT Rights in Indonesia
08 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:22 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | CanQueer

In this week's episode Luke picks up the series of news stories from Indonesia where there is a violent crackdown by the state against gay and trans people. The CanQueer team also discuss the big Canadian news of the day. 
BC singer-songwriter Shari Ulrich chats about her career in music & more of the latest new releases.
08 Feb, 2018 | 0:59:07 |
EN | Jan Hall | Folk Roots Radio

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter; two time Juno Award winner; and inductee in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, Shari Ulrich joins us on Episode 360 of Folk Roots Radio to chat about her long and storied music career - both as a singer-songwriter and as part of such great bands as Pied Pumkin, The Hometown Band, Ulrich Henderson Forbes (UHF), Bentall Taylor...
Our buddy BURL is back with more kooky kids songs that aren't the usual christmas crap he turns out.
07 Feb, 2018 | 0:29:49 |
EN | Scott Snailham | Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude and Daffodil

Our friend Klaus also stops in again with some delightfully dated and organ-ic covers, and macho movie tough guy Robert Mitchum goes calypso? Yeah we don't lie....sometimes we wish we did make it up
Producer Miyoko explores the revival of languages and the connection between languages & cultures.
07 Feb, 2018 | 0:59:53 |
EN | CFUV 101.9 FM Programming | Artscape

Know Thy Roots by Miyoko Caubet Featuring Dr Lorna Williams, SDEMOXELTON, Emmanuel Herique, Dominique Wozniac, Manu Courtois, Simon et Jean-Luc Delhort, and all the teachers and kids of LÁU,WELNEW tribal school. In this episode, producer Miyoko explores the revival of languages and the connection between languages and cultures. Thank you Dr Lorna Williams, SDEMOXELTON, Emmanuel Herique, Dominique Wozniac, Manu Courtois,...
Movie Date | Marriage Contract
07 Feb, 2018 | 0:59:08 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Old Parlour Radio

Music beyond boundaries for a digital world!
07 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:56 |
EN | Deep Threes | Deep Threes - Music Beyond Boundaries

Celer and Forest Management begin this week's show with a piece from their reimagined soundtrack to The Mosqiito Coast. Then we venture across a soundscape with odd voices from the likes of beckoning us to come to a dance party featuring The Chemical Brothers and C.J. Bolland.
Safe and Sound
06 Feb, 2018 | 0:27:57 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound - 05 February 2018 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
Back Porch Bluegrass Show
06 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:53 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 06 February 2018 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
846 - Themes Deep House/Tech House with Sean Savage
06 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:15 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. Helly Larson - Go Your Way 02. Patlac - Passenger 03. Anthony Mea - Night Life 04. Murr - Dive Into The Deepest (Stone Owl Remix) [CanCon] 05. Fideles - Panorama 06. Fred Everything - Mercyless (Fred Everything & Oliver Desmet Remix) [CanCon] 07. Paolo Rocco - Move Body, Move Forward [CanCon] 08. David Penn - Down Wid Da...
846 - Themes Techno with Sean Savage
06 Feb, 2018 | 0:58:34 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. M.I.T.A. - Forgotten Galaxy (DJ Teste Remix) [CanCon] 02. Hidden Empire - Black Beauty 03. ANNA - Hidden Beauties 04. Funky Trunkers - Represent 05. Matteo DiMarr - Silverback [CanCon] 06. Richie Hawtin - Statikphunk (Ambivalent Remix) [CanCon] 07. Seán Savage - Haus 2K18 [CanCon] 08. Plastikman - Goo (Paco Osuna Remix) [CanCon] 09. Kink - Teo Techno 10....
Reducing barriers faced by people at the intersections of sexual health and mental health.
06 Feb, 2018 | 0:28:11 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Ashling Ligate is a registered nurse in an acute care unit of a psychiatric hospital and Frédérique Chabot is the director of health promotion for Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights. They speak with Scott Neigh about the intersections of sexual health and mental health, about the "Mind Your 'Business'" Sexual and Reproductive Health Week campaign, and about the...
Coconut Ketogenic Diet | Three Dimensions of Emotion
05 Feb, 2018 | 0:51:35 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Health First

Richard Wolff - Cutting Corporate Taxes
05 Feb, 2018 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

Corporations are riding high in the saddle. With their friends in Washington they are raking it in. That certainly is the case with the tax law passed by Congress in late 2017. If you look at the details it is warmed over trickle-down economics. While most workers will get crumbs, the big winners will be corporations. And along the way,...
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