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A profile of the underrated country comedy artist Bill Carlisle....
13 Jun, 2018 | 0:29:33 |
EN | Scott Snailham | Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude and Daffodil

....a rodent oriented chart topping cheezie and things start popping up in the tube....
28 min feature of Sam Tudor, plus 28 min of Western Canadian indie music mix!
13 Jun, 2018 | 0:56:25 |
EN | Mae Wandinger | Indie Beat

28 minute feature (interview plus tracks) of Vancouver based alternative folk musician Sam Tudor, plus tracks by The Matinee, Twin Peaks, Leisure Club, Brodie Dawson, Good for Grapes, Wooden Horsemen, Jordan Klassen & Leeroy Stagger!
Music beyond boundaries for a digital world!
13 Jun, 2018 | 0:57:56 |
EN | Deep Threes | Deep Threes - Music Beyond Boundaries

Featuring music by K. Leimer, Biosphere and Driftmachine.
Back Porch Bluegrass Show
13 Jun, 2018 | 0:57:54 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 12-06-18 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
About a new anthology, Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents
12 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:13 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Sadie Epstein-Fine and Makeda Zook are the editors of a new book called Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents, published by Demeter Press. Scott Neigh interviews them about the importance of queerspawn (i.e. people with LGBTQ+ parents) having the space to tell their own stories, about the book, and about its launch on June 18...
Looking inward and beyond at progressive, fusion and alternative genres, near and far...
11 Jun, 2018 | 1:57:43 |
EN | Nicholas Cooper | The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope

Show Feature: SMK Gazes Upon King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard | Includes Radio Debut of Bastila (Toronto Progressive Rock Band) | 2-Hour music radio program | live broadcast . Audible Observations (Playlist): King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: 'Sleep Drifter' and 'Melting' from Flying Microtonal Banana (2017) Brad de Roo: 'Contentacles' from Brad de Roo's Chimeras of Decline (2018;...
Tariq Ali - Connections: 1968 & 2018
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

Nineteen sixty-eight is often described as historic, a tumultuous year that changed the U.S. and the world. Recall the assassinations of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy, resistance to the wars in Indochina, the student strikes, the Tet offensive, the ghetto uprisings and the election of Richard Nixon. In France, the rebellion against the status quo was marked by the famous...
The Great Outdoors | Sureceta App
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:50:44 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Health First

The Garden Show
11 Jun, 2018 | 1:00:00 |
EN | Ivan Emke | Routes & Branches & Beyond

This week, on Routes & Branches & Beyond, I affirm the wisdom that life is too short to be walking around with clean fingernails. Yes, it is once again time to garden! And so I enlist the help of fine musicians like the Navigators (NL), Boiled in Lead (Celto-Nordic Folk-Rock), Dervish (Irish), Tim O'Brien (Appalachi-americana), Daniel Payne (Great Northern Peninsula),...
"Father's Day Trip" | "Like Father, Like Son"
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:59:15 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Old Parlour Radio

Chamber of Commerce
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:23:55 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Tune Up With Deb

Underground electronic music mixed and curated by Seán Savage.
11 Jun, 2018 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | Amplified Radio Network with Seán Savage

Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Amplified Radio Network brings you the best in electronica, trip hop, deep house and techno from around the world. Each 58 min show (part 1 & 2) is 50% CanCon and can be played individually or together in a 2 hr block with room for PSA's. If you are interested in airing the...
A grassroots movement to free black women awaiting trial in the USA
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:41 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Lively and informative recording of a rally outside Connecticut's only women's prison in May 2018. Groups around the country have been holding “Christmas bail-outs” and “Mother’s Day Bail-Outs” to free incarcerated women – most of whom are mothers – from pre-trial detention. The Connecticut Bail Fund raised $30,000 to bail out 30 women in time to be home for Mother’s...
CHIP Reverse Mortgage
10 Jun, 2018 | 0:25:20 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Tune Up With Deb

Today's Modern Jazz Improvisors, Creators and Tastemakers
10 Jun, 2018 | 4:48:32 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | Modern Jazz Today

Modern Jazz Today is a radio show that focuses on today’s jazz improvisers and creators, cutting their teeth and cutting the edge of sound. We are proud to present Modern Jazz Today as an avenue for discovering a new generation of jazz musicians, composers, improvisers and arrangers.
Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond
09 Jun, 2018 | 0:30:29 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

Arnold August has an M.A. in political science from McGill University, Montreal, where he resides. His books include Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion, Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond . An accomplished journalist, he contributes articles in English and Spanish to websites in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Latin America and Europe. Since 1997, he has spent extended periods...
Fishing Derby, Turner's, walkathon
08 Jun, 2018 | 0:29:41 |
EN | CJAM-FM Music Department |

This program focuses on disability issues. Host Cam Wells will explore all sides of this comparing and contrasting with able bodied life.
Canada's Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour
08 Jun, 2018 | 0:57:15 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

Celtic of all colours: Offa Rex - Blackleg Miner, Hayseed Dixie - Black Dog, Fiddler's Bid - Da White Wife, Moira Smiley - Dressed In Yellow.
exciting contemporary global music alternative to jukebox radio
08 Jun, 2018 | 0:59:53 |
EN | Cal Koat | worldbeatcanada radio

It's one tripped-out mix! Debuts from Underground System, Mercedes Peon, Diali Cissokho (Senegal > N. Carolina) + guest, Jef Stott!
Show #728 Week of JUNE 08 2018
08 Jun, 2018 | 2:55:30 |
EN | Moz Taylor |

> > CanCon friendly ... award-winning weekly syndicated radio show on-air since 2004. A weekly blend of the latest releases from musicians out in the clubs today, classic jazz tracks, Blues, World, and Acid Jazz. Available in full 2-hour and abridged 1-hour formats. _____ "For the longest time I thought I would be stuck in the 50's and 60's –...
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