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Delores Stevenson talks about seeking justice in the wake of the death of her niece Nadine.
01 Mar, 2017 | 0:28:10 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

On this week's episode of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh speaks with Delores Stevenson. Her niece, Nadine Machiskinic, died on January 10, 2015. Since that day, Stevenson and other members of the family have been pushing for a proper investigation and for some kind of justice -- in the last year, with the formal support of a coalition of groups...
S13E07: Weekly all-Canadian community radio music potpourri
28 Feb, 2017 | 0:59:19 |
EN | Brian Cleveland | The Mixed Tape

Brian Cleveland plays a selection of new Canadian music. This week's episode features tracks from Rose Cousins, Louise Burns, Fleece, Home Shake, Bonnett House, Lonely Parade, and more.
Conquering Stress | Nitric Oxide
28 Feb, 2017 | 0:52:04 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Health First

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 31 January 2017
27 Feb, 2017 | 0:57:54 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 31 January 2017 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 24 January 2017
27 Feb, 2017 | 0:57:55 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show from 24 January 2017, broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
Gary Taubes - Sugar: How Sweet It Isn’t
27 Feb, 2017 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

Sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium: backed by powerful lobbies, entrenched in our lives, and making some people very sick. There is growing evidence that sugar triggers chronic diseases such as diabetes that are likely to kill us, or at least hasten our deaths. In the U.S. and Canada about 30 % of the population has diabetes; obesity...
Hour Long Punk Music Program
27 Feb, 2017 | 0:53:40 |
EN | Alison |

Sanctuary City, Workers in Halifax Commemorate Strike, Indigenous Writing and Li
27 Feb, 2017 | 0:28:22 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This episode of GroundWire was produced on Haudenosaunee and Anishinabe traditional territory in Kingston by CFRC.
Today's Modern Jazz Improvisors, Creators and Tastemakers.
27 Feb, 2017 | 2:55:45 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | Modern Jazz Today

Modern Jazz Today is a radio show that focuses on today’s jazz improvisers and creators, cutting their teeth and cutting the edge of sound. We are proud to present Modern Jazz Today as an avenue for discovering a new generation of jazz musicians, composers, improvisers and arrangers.
Vinyl records by Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer recording artists.
27 Feb, 2017 | 0:57:30 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | NewFound Records

February is Heart Month and for this episode Newfoundland`s pioneer recording artists dish out an eclectic mix of hearty songs! Tune in and you`ll hear them sing about all kinds of hearts like a heart of gold, a heart of stone, a jealous heart, oodles of broken hearts, and there's even a sweetheart or two. Supplying the music are Rex...
The Canadian Cancer Society joined CanQueer for a conversation around LGBT Cancer
26 Feb, 2017 | 0:53:03 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | CanQueer

CanQueer interviews Monica Bennet with the Smoke Cessation program, and Susan Flynn with the Get Screened Program. The conversation looked at how GLBT folks were disproportionately effected by cancer rates.
797 - Showcase Lucky Life Radio with Adam Nics
26 Feb, 2017 | 0:58:26 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. Marshall Jefferson, Full Intention, Sleezy D - Do You Believe (Sante Rmx) 02. Dino Maggiorana - Scream 03. Thomas Gandey, Rowee - Earth To You 04. Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch - Sheeple 05. Dino Maggiorana - Freaks 06. Khainz - Diagonal 07. Idris Elba - Make It Bump (Andrea Oliva Rmx) 08. Quibiko - Complicated 09. Vlada Asanin...
797 - New Music with Barry Rooke
26 Feb, 2017 | 0:58:52 |
EN | Barry Rooke | Amplified Radio Presents

01. Basement Jaxx - House Scene (Carlo Lio Remix) [CanCon] 02. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Simon Doty Remix) [CanCon] 03. Nathan Barato - Stomp Change (Original Mix) [CanCon] 04. Green Velvet, Detlef - Alright (Original Mix) 05. Basement Jaxx - Jump N Shout (Erik Hagleton Remix) 06. Quinten 909 - Let Me See Ya feat. Mc Flipside...
Julian Taylor interview and more of the latest new releases.
25 Feb, 2017 | 0:57:56 |
EN | Jan Hall |

Episode 304 of Folk Roots Radio features an interview with Julian Taylor , leader of self-described “pilgrims of funk, soul ‘n’ roll" - The Julian Taylor Band, recorded at the Folk Music Ontario conference. We also feature music from the band's great 2016 double album "Desert Star". And, as always, we take a look at some of the latest new...
Mixed-Race Identity
24 Feb, 2017 | 0:10:30 |
EN | cjsfprog | Making Time for Radio Documentary Series

Yvette Thompson examines issues of identity in the context of mixed-race individuals living in rural and urban communities across Canada.
Conspiracy Radio: the AM dial
24 Feb, 2017 | 0:55:41 |
EN | cjsfprog | Making Time for Radio Documentary Series

Late night talk radio: wild speculation, unbelievable conspiracy theories, out-of-this-world storytelling. Where does this drive for outlandish alternate explanations come from? Beam Me Up first asks “are UFOs real?” before realizing that the more interesting question is : “Why do we care so much?” Liz McArthur finds a strange, nostalgic comfort in the oft-overlooked programming from the margins, especially Coast...
Vancouver's Grassroots Music Fest
24 Feb, 2017 | 0:10:44 |
EN | cjsfprog | Making Time for Radio Documentary Series

Music Waste is Vancouver's long-running community organized and focused alternative and underground music festival. In A Festival for the Rest of Y'all, Jamie Cessford digs into the event's history with founding members. Jamie Cessford is CJSF's Arts & Entertainment Coordinator, co-host of the Vancouver Mixtape (with CJSF Public Affairs & Talk Coordinator Jesse Wentzloff) and an avid participant in Vancouver's...
The rise of DIY culture
24 Feb, 2017 | 0:37:01 |
EN | cjsfprog | Making Time for Radio Documentary Series

Do It With Others explores the rise of DYI culture in Vancouver, from bee keeping to 3D printing, and how this self-sufficiency movement is impacting the cultural landscape. Digital media artist Leslie Kennah has been exploring life through a lens for over a decade. A freelance photographer, videographer and editor, Leslie brings her love of wild places, taste for adventure...
The path to happiness is rarely a straight line
24 Feb, 2017 | 0:11:13 |
EN | cjsfprog | Making Time for Radio Documentary Series

Fascinated by career journeys that, like Lesley's own, haven’t followed a straight line, this documentary explores the circuitous and unexpected career journey of Dr. Jennifer Gardy. Not quite mimicking her childhood dream of being a doctor in the morning, a dentist in the afternoon, and a ballerina at night, Dr. Gardy has nevertheless carved out a science+performer career as both...
Concussions threaten Canada's game and those that play
24 Feb, 2017 | 0:11:06 |
EN | cjsfprog | Making Time for Radio Documentary Series

In the wake of a number of high-profile suicides of hockey players, both active and retired, the world of professional hockey is coming to terms with a mental health crisis. In Men's Mental Health: Headshots, Jay Peachy explores responses to this crisis: how has the culture of hockey changed in response to these suicides? Jay Peachy is a multidisciplinary artist...
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