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On analyzing election candidates so we can find the best candidate deserving our voting power.
05 Nov, 2015 | 0:52:55 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Koba published an article showing one way of analyzing the election candidates. This interview examines the nuts and bolts of the analysis to help the audience easily understand the key messages. It is hoped, after hearing this interview, people will be less distracted by the misleading information of the politicians and their parties, and they will be able to device...
Is the fair election process a product of removing the voice of certain candidates?
25 Sep, 2015 | 0:47:56 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Is the fair election process a product of removing the voice of certain candidates? Is the democratic ruling achieved by sacrificing the democratic rights of marginalized candidates? Are the major party candidates that participate in the debates really concerned about democracy? In this interview, two party members that were excluded in the all-candidates debate in Guelph, Ontario present their views.
Addressing the common concerns about communism that exists in the community.
18 Sep, 2015 | 0:36:57 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

This highly informative interview with Guelph Young Community League member Brendan Campisi addresses the common concerns about communism that exists in the community and compares it with Capitalism and Socialism.
A Guelph Centre receives funds to provide health services to refugees that refugees cannot access.
18 Sep, 2015 | 0:19:26 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

A Kitchener-based Family Physician said that he sees 20-30 refugee claimants from Guelph, Ontario on a pro bono basis due to the funding cuts to the refugee health coverage. The Guelph Community Health Centre (GCHC) says they have the funding to provide comprehensive medical services to those refugees, but those refugees have not become clients of the GCHC. There is...
Can we trust the offer of the Harper Government to support refugees?
18 Sep, 2015 | 0:29:15 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Can we trust the offer of the Harper Government to support refugees? Please listen to this audio to learn how the Harper Government is supposedly aidinging the existing refugees.
Tapping into the work of the all-Filipina, Montreal-based organization, PINAY
31 Aug, 2014 | 0:37:26 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

An organizer with the all-Filipina and all-volunteer run, Montreal-based organization PINAY, speaks about their work to empower Filipinas residing in Quebec, and in particular Filipina/os working as live-in caregivers. Not unlike some of her fellow PINAY organizers, this women had worked as a live-in caregiver for almost six years and is currently living in Montreal. In this interview we take...
Issues of gender equality in the USSR during it's socialist period and during socialism's demise.
10 Nov, 2013 | 0:47:52 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Liz Rowley speaks about women's issues in connection with the socialist revolution taking root in the 19th century in the Soviet Union.
Matthew Behrens talks about deportation, representing the knowledge and experience of allies.
31 Aug, 2013 | 0:24:20 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Im/migration myth busting week happened in the Springtime of this year, on March 18th-22nd at the University of Guelph campus. The campaign commenced with a speakers event about Canada’s system of deportation of poor and working class racialized im/migrants. Matthew Behrens spoke at the event and Migrant Matters Radio recorded his talk. Behrens is a long-time community organizer and has...
Leila, Agata, and Just Seeds' lastest works advocate for people without full status and justice.
19 Aug, 2013 | 0:37:09 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Interested in Publication? Care about dissemination of marginalized voices? Care about creating works that advocate for political agency? I audio-captured a June 12th presentation by independent grassroots artists Leila Pourtavaf, Agata Mrozowsk, and Mary Tremonte. Leila Pourtavaf and Agata Mrozowsk, artists-in-residence with the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University's Public Action Thematic Residency, talk about their current art...
Two members of the group Jornaleros Unidos De Woodside talk about working as "day labourers."
23 Jul, 2013 | 1:10:00 |
ES | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

The following is a phone interview conducted by Cailey Cambell and Eduardo Huesca with two members of the group Jornaleros Unidos De Woodside (United Day Laborers of Woodside), who were born in Mexico and when interviewed were working as "journaleros" or "day labourers" in New York, USA.
How do we collectivize our wounds to transform loneliness into a condition of radical possibility?
09 Jul, 2013 | 1:15:02 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

In late-April, the Waterloo Public Interest Research Group at the University of Waterloo organized a conference titled "(En)gendering Resistance: Exploring the possibilities of gender, resistance and militancy." Concluding the conference was a keynote presentation by Jackie Wang, who spoke on the concept of "revolutionary loneliness", referring to the seemingly inevitably traumatizing and alienating effects of participating in revolutionary struggle, and...
Una entrevista con uno de los sobrevivientes del accidente fatal en Hamstead en febrero pasado.
05 Jul, 2013 | 0:43:48 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Esta es la grabaciòn de una entrevista a Juan Ariza llevada a cabo por Eduardo Huesca el dia 3 de junio de 2013. Juan Ariza llegó a Canadá a través del programa de trabajadores temporales extranjeros "poco calificados", el 3 de febrero de 2012. El 6 de febrero de 2012 en Hampstead Ontario, que se encuentra lozalizado entre Kitchener y...
Filipinas who work as live-in caregivers nurture our awareness about herstory through comics.
17 Jun, 2013 | 0:17:56 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

To help spread a heightened awareness and insight into the experiences of Filipinos who work under Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program, one of the streams of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Toronto-based artists Althea Balmes and Jo SiMalaya Alcampo are seeking to make a grassroots, community-engaged comic book in collaboration with these faces. I had a conversation with them this past...
Examines systemic barriers to agricultural migrant workers accessing health and safety protections.
04 Jun, 2013 | 0:30:01 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Interview with Lalo from Guelph's (im)migrant workers justice group Fuerza/Puwersa. This interview examines systemic barriers to agricultural migrant workers accessing health and safety protections and compensation for injury. This conversation marks the 30th Injured Workers Day in Ontario with a focus on Ontario's agricultural industry.
To help build a worldwide common front against capitalism, Guelph residents rallied on May Day!
02 May, 2013 | 1:34:47 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

With the aim of contributing to building a worldwide common front against capitalism, austerity and war, a group of 30 chanting and sign waving residents of Guelph, Ontario rallied in front of City Hall on the early eve of April 30th to pay our respects and spread the word about our Labour history and International Workers’ Day! The rally's speakers...
The wide impact that migration and Canada has on those going to work and/or seeking refuge abroad.
19 May, 2012 | 1:03:23 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

The panel of the May Day potluck, which has been celebrated in Guelph, Ontario for four years now, illuminates the experiences of working-class migrants and immigrants in relation to Canada's immigration and labour legislation. Guest speakers at this year's celebration include: Juan, Melissa Paciulan, Lizzie Neale and Teresa Edge. Juan works as a migrant farm worker in Waterloo, Ontario. He...
Year after year, migrants without full status die in Ontario.The latest on this: the Hampstead crash
21 Feb, 2012 | 0:10:43 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

On Monday, February 6th, a van carrying thirteen Peruvian farm workers as well as one farm worker from Nicaragua collided with a transport truck in Hampstead, outside Waterloo, Ontario. *Eleven lives were lost, including ten migrant farm workers and the driver of the truck. Dozens of supporters paid their respects to the victims of the crash at the two vigils...
The socio-political landscape in Hungary that has led so many Roma to seek refugee status in Canada.
19 Dec, 2011 | 0:18:25 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Aladàr Horvàth, chair of the Roma Civil Rights Foundation in Hungary and a former member of the Hungarian Parliament, provides an overview of the history of the Roma people in Hungary and the social and political landscape in the country that has brought so many of them to Canada seeking refugee status in recent months.* He identifies the hate speech...
On the struggles against the termination of the Mapuche culture and people at home and abroad.
12 Dec, 2011 | 0:34:32 |
EN | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

The work of the Toronto-based Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu towards justice and sovereignty for their land and people, and against both the ongoing increasing incarceration of indigenous Mapuche people by the Chilean State, and the termination of their culture and people. The youth being criminalized - like Matias Matrileo Quezada, Alex Lemún Saavedra, and Jaime Mendoza Collío,...
En Argentina, la gente ocuparon la construcción de una carretera por 8 meses hasta marzo de 2011.
04 Dec, 2011 | 0:35:08 |
ES | Mary | Migrant Matters Radio

Por aproximadamente 8 meses, en Buenos Aires, Argentina, un grupo de personas de varios grupos socio-economicos ocuparon y bloquearon la construcción de una carretera y de varias tiendas en una propiedad pública cerca de un bosque a orillas del Río de la Plata. Desafortunadamente, en marzo de 2011, los ocupantes fueron brutalmente desalojados por la policía, los cuales estaban actuando...
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