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11 Apr, 2008 | 0:58:16 |
EN | Jon Steinman | Deconstructing Dinner

On March 20, 2008, Deconstructing Dinner shared the history and outcomes of the most recent battle between farmer Percy Schmeiser and global seed giant Monsanto. Raised during that broadcast was the very basis for the battle; a product release form issued by Monsanto to farmers who wish to have unwanted genetically-engineered plants removed from their fields by the company. Schmeiser...
13 Jul, 2007 | 0:59:57 |
EN | Jon Steinman | Deconstructing Dinner

From its inception in January 2006, Deconstructing Dinner has been accompanied by the recognizable theme music created by Nelson-area resident Adham Shaikh. Titled "Infusion", this piece is found on Adham's 2004 release "Fusion". In 2006, Fusion was nominated for a Juno award in the World Music category. On this broadcast, Producer Jon Steinman teamed up with Adham Shaikh to create...
10 Apr, 2007 | 0:57:55 |
EN | Jon Steinman | Kootenay Co-op Radio CJLY - Spoken Word Collective

The history and content of spoken word programs at Kootenay Co-op Radio has symbolized the diversity of individuals and cultures living within Nelson, British Columbia. The Spoken Word Collective was formed to celebrate and strenghten this important medium of expression, one through which information that is not otherwise found within the mainstream media, can be shared with others. The list...
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